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Experience = Value

How do we offer cut price rentals? By utilizing experienced vehicles. We all know that as soon as a vehicle leaves the new car lot it loses significant value. This is just as true in the rental industry. When you rent a new vehicle the rental company has to get that depreciated value back as quickly as possible and they have to do it through high rental prices.
To save you money we don’t buy new vehicles. Instead we focus on experienced vehicles that we keep in our fleet long term allowing us to offer you pricing that reflects their true value. Yes, this might mean our vehicles have some scratches or a small dent here and there or that not all of them have the latest Navigation screen. However, we service all our vehicles on a regular maintenance schedule with highly trained and certified mechanics to ensure their safety and reliability and we have a 20 point checklist that every vehicles goes through before each rental.
For you this means that experience equals value.

Our Covid 19 Processes

Cancellation Policy:  If there is an alert level change that causes you to cancel your booking, we will refund or allow you to change your booking at no cost.  Please note that this policy is only applicable to cancellations due to a government issued alert level change.

Cleaning:  All our vehicle interiors are thoroughly cleaned between bookings using disinfectant wipes and cleaners.  We pay particular attention to keys, steering wheels, indicators, console buttons, seatbelts, door handles, gear knobs and emergency brakes.

Located in New Plymouth

Cut Price Rentals is located in Waiwhakaiho for easy access to the New Plymouth Airport, downtown, Waitara and Inglewood.

We offer on site parking for renters (one vehicle per rental)

WINZ quotes

Please call us for all WINZ quotes +64 6 758 7923